Monthly Archives: September 2012

Super Cheap at Amazon

I’d normally recommend that book lovers patronize their local independent bookstore, but I see that the bargain price has returned for the hardcover edition of Letter to My Daughter on, and it’s hard to beat: $8.00.

That’s less than a pizza.  Also, you can read it again and again, but a pizza you can only eat once.

Here’s the Amazon link:

Good People at Goodreads

Thanks to all the good people at Goodreads who are reading and recommending my book. Like Melissa, who recently wrote:

“I was a little iffy about picking up this book. I wasn’t too sure that a male author could really write a book based on a female’s point of view and make me want to read it.  I was completely surprised to find that Mr. Bishop did exactly that.  From the moment I picked this book up I couldn’t put it down . . . ”

Thanks, Melissa, wherever you are.