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Letter from a Reader

I don’t get fan mail often, but when I do it’s always a treat. Thanks, Matthew, wherever you are.

“I have never felt compelled to contact an author of any of the many books I’ve read. Night of the Comet was one of the greatest books I’ve ever read in my life and I felt that I had to email you and let you know. The moment when Alan and his father were spending time at Alan’s friend’s house, about to have a meal of hamburger meat and onion soup spice…it really hit me. I felt their doom and desperation while looking at what their lives might become… The entire story was so amazing and hit home on so many levels.. I am looking forward to your next book, whatever that may be.

“Take care,


Comet Chaser Sends Back Photos

The spacecraft Rosetta, which has been trailing Comet Churyomov-Gerasimenko for over 10 years, recently sent back these amazing close-up photos of the comet. Read more about it in the New York Times, here.