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Special E-Book Promotion for THE NIGHT OF THE COMET

Well this is an awfully good deal. Ballantine is offering a one-week promotion for the e-book of THE NIGHT OF THE COMET. Only two bucks! Check it out on Amazon, iBooks, or wherever fine e-books are sold.


The Reading Life with Susan Larson, WWNO-New Orleans

Here’s a link to my interview with Susan Larson, of WWNO’s “The Reading Life,” about our New Orleans launch of A BOOK OF UNCOMMON PRAYER last week. I come in halfway through and then read from one of my pieces in the book, “For Aging Rock Stars.”

(Or so I’m told. To be honest, I haven’t listened to this yet because I’m afraid of how I might sound.)

Reading life WEB 2 hi res_0

The Comet Chaser Lives!

In case you were wondering whatever happened to the Rosetta spacecraft and its probe Philae that crash-landed on Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko back in November and then went dead: the probe has awakened. As of yesterday, the little lost lander was sending signals again back to Earth.

“Philae is doing very well,” project manager Stephan Ulamec said.

Here on a quiet, cloudy morning in New Orleans, this news cheers me.


A Book of Uncommon Prayer, No. 3

Great reviews for A BOOK OF UNCOMMON PRAYER, an anthology of everyday invocations by 64 authors, out now from Outpost19, San Francisco.

I’ve got two pieces in the collection, “For Aging Rock Stars” and “For a Teenage Girl Embarking Upon a Weeklong Carnival Cruise with Her Parents.”

“Editor Matthew Vollmer strips away the bylines of this truly exceptional gathering of authors (credits are given at the back of the book) and allows the power of the pieces to do all the heavy lifting, clear of accreditation. Throughout, the writing is frequently poetic and beautiful, circling back often to stories of parents seeking kindness and protection for their children as they mature and move through life. Perhaps the greatest success of this anthology is its ability to remind us that, despite our subjective dogmas or lack thereof, there is an ever-present mystery sewn into life, whether we call it god or science, and we are all part of a grand design worthy of contemplation and reverence.” – Mel Bosworth at Small Press Review

“This book is AMAZING–moving and witty and sweet and sometimes even shocking–a little bit of everything we pray for in our private moments.” – Susan Larson, The Reading Life WWNO, New Orleans

And here’s the cool book video again:

A Book of Uncommon Prayer from Outpost19 Books on Vimeo.