Teen Vamp

He Lives!

Every Halloween he rises from the dead to terrorize Catholic school girls and lonely housewives. Beware!

teen vamp

For the story on how I became Hollywood’s Teen Vamp, here’s a pretty good essay I wrote years ago for the Oxford American, I Was a Teenage Vampire.

The Undead Never Die

Received an email this week from a writer in Italy who wants to interview me for a book on B-movies and cult films of the 80s. She’s including TEEN VAMP in her book because it used to run on Italian television in the 90s, on their national RAI channel. It was called “College per Vampari.”

The lesson here is to beware what low-budget horror films you appear in in your youth, because those little bastards are immortal.

Here’s the poster for the Spanish version of the film:

Spanish Teen Vamp

Special Halloween Post: I Was a Teenage Vampire

Every year at Halloween he rises from the dead. From I WAS A TEENAGE VAMPIRE, in 2001 Oxford American:

teen vamp

PROSTITUTE VAMPIRE: Well, Murphy, what did you have in mind tonight?

MURPHY: Oh, I don’t know. Something a little different maybe. . . . Ow, that hurts! Ow, stop it, you’re biting me!

More here. If you dare.


Enjoyed meeting librarians and signing books (my book, that is) at the Louisiana Library Association’s conference in Shreveport on Thursday.
Last time I was in Shreveport was two decades ago, for the filming of that little known but much beloved movie classic, Teen Vamp.